Beauty Forever Unisex Shaving Soap 3oz and 3.5oz Combo

  • $18.95

Stop Buying So Many Expensive Razor Blades

360 Smooth close shaves for the toughest beard and counting.

Most razor blades get thrown away, not because they are dull, but because they are dirty or gunked up. Why? Because the shaving soap you use does not clean the blade. Beauty ForeverTM Unisex Shaving Soap contains Nature’s Gift® liquid carbon.

Through a proprietary process using USDA renewable plant sources such as rice corn extracts, oats, and natural alcohols under certain temperatures and pressures, bio form carbon is formed with 6 angstrom particle size. That’s the size of elemental carbon. Better than graphite, Nature’s Gift® lubricates and cleans your razor blade to the point it almost never wears out.


To get best results:

Men: Use the Beauty Forever oblong bar soap in the shower to deep clean your skin. Before turning off the water, lather your beard and leave it lathered. Towel dry as usual except for your beard.

At the sink, lather your beard again with the round bar and hot water using a brush or by hand and leave on as you dry your hair, brush your teeth, apply deodorant, and then lather your beard again with hot water and then shave as usual for a clean close shave.

Women: You only need the oblong shower bar to use to lather in the shower. Go to this page to order.


Round Bar Ingredients: Saponified coconut oil, olive oil, palm oil, almond oil, NG (bio form carbon 18%), distilled water, and NaOH

Oblong Bar Ingredients: Saponified coconut oil, olive oil, palm oil,castrol oil, avocado oil, mango butter, NG (bio form carbon 4%), distilled water, NaOH and Rose fragrance.