Garcillin™ Capsules

  • $40.00

One veggie capsule contains the equivalent of the active ingredient, allicin, in garlic of 35 cloves of garlic.

Allicin is said to be, by its formulators, an antibiotic, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-protozoan, and anti-parasitic.

30 capsules per bottle

Recommended dosage: one capsule up to 4 or more per day, as necessary.

While Garcillin™ is a derivative of garlic, it has no garlic in it and garlic supplements have no allicin in them.

If you have not used allicin yet, we recommend starting on this formulation and when you get to four capsules a day then switch to Garcillin II--our more powerful formulation.

FDA regulations require me to inform you that our Garcillin product is not a treatment or cure for any disease. Use at your discretion.

Ingredients: Allicin powder 300 mg, Vitamin C as calcium ascorbate (60 mg), citrus bioflavonoids (40 mg), and Nu-Flow (made with rice hulls) in veggie caps