Go Planet Green - Laundry Soap

Go Planet Green - Laundry Soap

  • $93.95

Go Planet Green laundry soap is a high performance readily biodegradable formulation.

It easily penetrates dirt and grime while emulsifying and lifting grease, oil, and other stains.

Non-Toxic, Non-Carcinogenic, Non-Caustic, No enzymes,

Caution: Do not add concentrate direct to clothing--it may discolor.
MAY BE AN EYE IRRITANT: If irritation occurs, rinse eyes thoroughly with clean water.phosphorous, nitrates, sulfates, silicates, or petro-solvents. May be used with salt water.

Directions: One cap full for regular size load. Use empty spray bottle and mix pre-spot solution at one cap full to 32 ounces of water. Add disinfectants such as bleach or ammonia as desired.

Ingredients: Alkanolamines, amino acids, hydrogenated corn oils, organic alcohol, non-ionic Surfactants, vegetable based fatty acids, vegetable starches, and water.