Initial Offer 4oz ( ONLY for the FIRST TIME BUYER PLEASE )

Initial Offer 4oz ( ONLY for the FIRST TIME BUYER PLEASE )

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This offer is available to first time customer's only.

Directions: add two caps full per bath or about 80 drops per 4 oz of water to make body wipe

Ingredients: proprietary surfactant.

Deep Cleaning Solution Concentrate 

Nature's Gift(R) Deep Cleaning Solution cleans deeper than any other substance or enzyme. Not only does it clean the pores of your skin, it's angstrom sized particles clean between the cells that make up the pores cleaning away dirt, germs, bacteria, odors and pests including lice, scabies, crabs, fleas, Collembola, skin fungus, Morgellons, mites and more so that you skin may function more normally.  Additionally, it breaks down grease, bio film, and other organic matter. It is far superior to enzymes.

"Its breaking through the bio film I am covered in.  Omg, this is gold and want to benefit the best I can from it*" Ruby

Just one teaspoon of Nature's Gift(R) Deep Cleaning Solution in a bath is all that is needed. Add in your favorite disinfectant like peppermint drops, peroxide, Epson Salts, and so on to destroy the organisms extracted from your skin.

Additionally, your first order comes with a pen size spray bottle.  Fill with water and leave room to add 7 drops of concentrate to the pen size spray bottle. Take with you through out the day to relieve skin discomfort as needed.

Nature's Gift(R) Deep Cleaning Solution is part of an "all encompassing" two phase program to get your life back from Morgellons and Other Skin Parasites.

Phase I has three parts:

1. The King Diet to stop feeding the parasites foods that they thrive upon as revealed in Chapter IV of "How to Get Your Life Back from Chronic Lyme, Morgellons, and Other Skin Parasites," which you already have downloaded. 

2. Effectively remove the organisms from your environment. Chapter III gives you detailed instructions on how to disinfect clothing, bedding, furniture, floors, shoes, jewelry, counter tops, autos, work space and so on using common house-hold disinfectants you find in your grocery store.

3. Deep clean your skin using Nature's Gift(R) Deep Cleaning Solution in your bath and, as a stop-gap, whenever you feel skin discomfort during the day.

Phase II, should you elect to do, is to create an unfriendly environment in your body and rebuild your body nutritionally from the damage that the skin parasites have caused. This is done with specific targeted supplements that are revealed in the book.

"Honestly, I had lost my life. I lost my job and couldn’t care for my family. The pain and discomfort were so horrible. Natures Gift and lifestyle changes gave me my life back!" — Sally P., Rapid Falls, MI Controlling Morgellons since 2017

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