SurfaceGuard Environmental and Laundry Microbial Concentrate 2oz

SurfaceGuard Environmental and Laundry Microbial Concentrate 2oz

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This is a concentrate. Add 2 ounces to 28 ounces of distilled water to make a total of 30 ounces of Ready To Use (RTU) antimicrobial which can be sprayed or used in an electrostatic sprayer or added to your laundry (4 oz RTU per 10 - 12 pounds of dry laundry). See on-line store for further instructions.

Not a disinfectant nor a cleanser. Apply one time for protection lasting up to a year on any surface. When it dries, one side of the molecule adheres to the surface, the other side is spikes of carbon 1/1000th the thickness of a human hair. Too tiny to irritate your skin, but perfect to proliferate and shred viruses, fungi, bacteria, and microscopic parasites.

Instructions for Environmental use: Use in electrostatic or regular sprayer. For frequently touched surfaces like doorknobs, treat monthly. Surfaces touched once daily, treat every 60 days, areas touched once weekly, treat every 90 days, infrequent touch, treat yearly. 16 oz tor RTU treats 312 sq feet. 1 gallon treats 2500 sq feet.

Instructions for Laundry: One time treatment - Add one capful of NG laundry soap to 4 oz of Bio defender in the washing cycle for each 10 - 12 pounds of dry clothing.

Caution: Scrubbing and abrasive cleaners will remove the antimicrobial defender and the surface must be retreated. Nonabrasive cleaners will not a­ffect the antimicrobial defender.

Warning: Do not use on Skin NOT eff­ective for large insects like bed bugs, carpet beetles and so on.