True Pheromones Massage Oil

True Pheromones Massage Oil

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Apply Infused Bath and Massage Oil while your skin is wet or dry.  However, it spreads easier and feels much more luxuriously on a wet body.  Simply pour some product on to your hands and smooth it across all of your skin.  Enjoy the hydrating feel of the oil soaking into your epidermis. In a few minutes, it will activate.  When used in combination with the King diet, it helps to relieve itching, crawling and biting. An application will last at least 24 hours, if not washed off.  Reapply as needed. It can be used on all skin surfaces including face, eyelids and eyebrows.  It is odorless, colorless and scent-free.

You can also add a few drops to the essential oil diffuser


To double the strength, add the concentrated contents of the small 1/2 oz bottle to the 4 oz bottle