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Electrostatic sprayer has advantage over all other techniques to effectively clean your environment of all skin parasite organisms 

How it works:

The environment is negatively charged. The electrostatic device sprays solution of positive charged fine particles that adhere to every part of every surface. No guessing, no missing.

In fact, it has an adjustment to create 3 different  sizes of particles. down to a fine mist like fog.

Just spray the fog over the area and the negatively charged particle from the sprayer cover everything completely.

Go to their YouTube video at to see how it works. They show you it working with the electrostatic unit turned on and off. With it turned off, it's duplicates how a fogger works. You'll be amazed at the difference.  

Now the good news:

  1. Instead of using toxic ammonia to disinfect or chemical pesticides, you use Clean-Um-Up-Zyme Super Concentrated Enzymes 9 oz or Benefect Botanical Thyme based disinfectant. 
  2. You don't have to vacate the area being treated like you do with ozone. 
  3. Totally non toxic to humans, animals and even fish. 
  4. You can treat your area daily with no mess. 
  5. Perfect for clearing the air of floating organisms
  6. You can spray yourself or your pets.
  7. Since the organisms are part of the environment. They are negatively charged meaning that the sprayed particles (positive charged) are attracted direct to the organisms. 
  8. The positively charged sprayed particles when coming in contact with the negatively charged organisms creates an electrical shock lasting several seconds. It's suspected that this shock may be of sufficient strength and duration to destroy (electrocute) some if not all the organisms.



Clean-em-up Zyme: one ounce of concentrate in 31 ounces of water,. Note: enzymes do not kill viruses.

Benefect Disinfectant: use undiluted in the sprayer.


To keep sprayer in top condition for long term use, use de-mineralized or distilled water

When spraying, keep tank up right and gun upright too.</p></p>

Now the bad news:

Item shipped from dealer. 

Price includes shipping and insurance

Manufacturer does not accept returns. 

One year warranty on sprayer from the manufacturer

Three year warranty on battery

Warning: Do not use debriding soap, essential oils, cedarcide, ammonia, or anything corrosive with this unit. Cedarcide has silica which clogs this unit. Using cedarcide with this unit will void the warranty.

Caution: never use NG or essential oils in the electrostatic sprayer as they can deteriorate the gaskets and render the unit useless.