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All of our skin care products contain liquid bio form carbon atoms. All other carbon substances are of crystalline form and come from diamonds, coal, charcoal, graphite, and graphene. Nature’s Gift® is made via a proprietary process from renewable plant sources resulting in a liquid form of carbon instead of crystalline.  Lab results find the particle size to be 6 angstroms in size which is .6 nanometers.

 When combined with water, Nature’s Gift® and water work together to hydrate and
penetrate, not only the pores of the skin, but the layers of cells inside the pores to clean out all debris that doesn’t belong there so that the skin may function normally.

No other skin care products are as effective in deep cleaning the skin of debris to keep the skin functioning normally.

In other words, in addition to deep cleaning the skin, our skin care products do everything the best salon beauty skin care products do – hydrate, provide luminescence, reduce the appearance of
wrinkles, are hypoallergenic, and non comedogenic (won’t block pores).

Facility Hours

Facility Hours

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