QUESTION: Do you sometimes get worse before getting better with the Nature’s Gift Debriding Soap?

ANSWER: First, presuming you're doing everything to disinfect your surroundings and the diet, it's not uncommon for things to get worse before they get better. You may consider reapplying the soap in the middle of the night. I believe I sent you a list of things that others do to get their lives back spelling out supplements and medications which generally accelerate progress.  The following emails demonstrate this.

 "Regards the soap....been using for about 2 weeks. Things really got worse in the first 10 days though! Good news is lesions are beginning to heal....wonderful!! Used as a mouth gargle and for 2 days inner mouth was very painful. Lots of white specs came out though. Still have some in my mouth....they are really die-hards, but will keep on. Last week hit a downer due to things getting worse. The crying didn't help....appeared as if a tear duct got blocked - a parasite? Any way applied the soap about 3x a day and within 3 days swelling was down, lots of little grains came out and pain subsided. Proves crying doesn't help....hahaha. Still have a small little bump (feels like a pimple), but am still applying soap and every day it appears to be smaller." - Debbie from South Africa.

"My first experience with soap was that it helped stop itching and biting but after using it about 5 days things did seem to get worse, I felt like I had glass itching me on the top of my feet and I thought this is making me worse, but I kept with it and it got better. The glass feeling went away, maybe they were coming out of the top of my feet. I LOVE THE SOAP NOW IT IS AWESOME . Thank You Richard” – Renee

QUESTION: How much Nature’s Gift should I use on my body?

ANSWER: The more the better! Initially, I suggested applying it 3 times per day after you bathe and let it dry on your skin. Apply it in every crevice--nostrils, eye lids, inside the ears, and butt crack. You don't have to make yourself wet. Using your fingers to apply, or a dry baby wipe, or cotton balls, simply wet them and wipe them over your body. But I'm learning from others, it doesn't stop there. Add one capful of the 100% concentrate to your bath water. The 100% concentrate comes in either the larger 8 oz bottle or the tiny 2 oz bottle. Or use 2 capfuls of the 50% concentrate that comes in the 4 oz bottles. Showering: Some have reported amazing results using it as the soap to shower with and then reapply after drying from the shower. Always have some dilute soap in the small bottle it came in handy for direct application throughout the day to where ever your feel parasite activity on your skin. Apply as needed.

QUESTION: Does the Debriding Soap have an expiration date?

ANSWER: No, there are no chemical compounds in it to break down.

QUESTION: I found a product at the heath food store to supplement my Glutathione and it only costs $15 for a month’s supply.  Why is the MaxOne so much more expensive?

ANSWER: Actually, I'm going to show you why that product for $15 is cheating you for two reasons: 1. Most likely it comes in gelatin capsules which will feed the parasites and make them happy. 2. The absolute best boost in glutathione that you can expect from a glutathione supplement is about 15% to 20%. The MaxOne product will boost your glutathione by 270%. So do the math, to get an equivalent amount of glutathione, you need 13 bottles of brand X which would cost you $195/month.

QUESTION: Isn’t boosting Glutathione by 270% overkill?

ANSWER: Consider that the average person produces 10% less glutathione each decade after age 20. Consider that with Morgellons that glutathione gets used up breaking the sulfur-iron bonds in the creation of the structure for Morgellons. In other words, once your glutathione is gone, Morgellons runs rampant--nothing to control it. Consider all the other factors that use of glutathione that you are exposed to every day like all other humans--pollution, radiation, pesticides, drugs, illness, stress, and so on, and you'll soon realize that for many of us we need to sometimes take double or triple the recommended dosage. Sometimes 270% is not enough--we must boost it 500% or more to get through some rough spots in life.

QUESTION: Why is MaxOne so much better than other products to boost Glutathione?

ANSWER: For many reasons: 1. The Max Company makes four formulations. MaxOne is the only one that is hypoallergenic, has no other ingredients to feed the parasites, and in veggie capsule form--doesn't feed the parasites 2. Glutatione, itself, is a large molecule and gets destroyed in the stomach. MaxOne has no glutathione in it.

QUESTION:Can I just dilute 1oz of Debriding Soap at a time?  Would it lose effectiveness?

ANSWER: No, it won't lose its effectiveness in either the diluted or concentrated state. It is best to keep some in the concentrated state for bathing and foot baths. Plus, if you travel, they don't let you take large quantities with you.