Clean-Um-Up-Zyme Ultra Concentrate Enzymes

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CleanUmUpZyme™ is super effective on hard-to-reach surfaces like crevices, corners, cracks, tile grouting, and other crevices, this hypoallergenic and non-toxic cleaner is a safe and environmentally-friendly alternative to harsh chemicals without sacrificing cleaning power. CleanUmUpZyme™ can be used in sprayers, commercial delivery systems and Electro Static Sprayers CleanUmUpZyme™ Cleanses away invisible and visible parasites, mites, no see um's, biting mites, that crawl and itch all over the body. Can be safely used around the house and pets. No harsh chemical or harmful neuro toxins found in conventional pesticides CleanUmUpZyme™ is fast-acting, safe, and unique enzyme formula digests, penetrates, emulsifies & breaks down organic matter that holds dirt together, breaking it up for easy and powerful cleaning with no harmful residue. Why is this vital ? Parasite, mites and other no see um's reside and thrive & reproduce in such environments, thus getting rid of favorable environments / habitats is key in getting rid of pesky parasites, bugs & pests. CleanUmUpZyme™ Clean and deodorize bathrooms, kitchens, floors, walls, furniture, and carpets not harmed by water. Can be added to laundry, and more in home, industrial, or commercial settings.

Highlights of CleanUmUpZyme™

CleanUmUpZyme™ is an effective non chemical enzyme cleaner. It breaks down grease including organic matter. Cleans and deodorizes floors, walls, furniture, blinds, fabric curtains and other surfaces not effected by water. It can be used with commercial grade mechanical spraying delivery systems or can be independently used in Electro Static Sprayers.

CleanUmUpZyme™ is a non-bacterial, Ultra concentrated, readily biodegradable product that can be washed or rinsed with water.

How safe is CleanUmUpZyme™ Non-Hazardous, Chemical free & Non-Toxic Non residual formulation Biodegradable : washes off with water and inhibits accumulation of organic matter Hypoallergenic : contains no known allergen to irritate the skin of people & pets Non-Bacterial: contains no live bacteria Non-Flammable : Ingredients are non combustible CleanUmUpZyme™ is a non-bacterial, Ultra concentrated, readily biodegradable product that produces maximum efficiency through proprietary formulations of surfactants. CleanUmUpZyme™ contains surfactants that have novel emulsification properties with relatively low toxicity to animals, aquatic life thus safe to use among People, Pets and Premises . CleanUmUpZyme™ comes in Ultra strong concentrated formulation can be diluted using the below table.


Super Concentrated 

General Purpose Solution

Household Application

Add 1 oz with 32 oz of water

Add 1 oz with 64 oz of water

Add 1 oz with Gallon of water

Add half ounce for a Gallon of water

Electro Static Sprayer


Household, Insects, Parasites & bugs

Table top cleaner

Commercial Sprayers

Walls / Windows

Cars & RVs, Tires , Seats




Kitchen counters

Before car wash


Blinds / Curtains

Tables / draws

External Application


Beds / Box springs

Couches / Sofas

Out door gardens



Shower Curtains



Bath tubs

Bath Tiles

Picnic tables



Kitchen / bath floors

Play grounds


Kitchen Counters

Behind furniture / beds

Toys and soft plush toys


Pet Cages / Crates

Walls / baseboards

Public Play Area


Bird cages / Chicken Pen

Pet living quarters

School / hotel Cafeteria


Mopping floors

Laundry Boost



Hospitals / Nursing Homes

Kindergarten, schools, waiting areas, buses, trains etc




Blood & Body fluids




Organic matter ( Vomit )




Pet Urine / Feces


Ingredients: Active Ingredients: Potassium Sorbate 1% by weight Inert Ingredients: Purified water, Yeast, Citric Acid 99%, total 100% Contents: Get Back Your Life LLC represents that this product qualifies for exemption from registration under the 25( B ) FIFRA program.