Nature's Gift® Morgellons Pack

Nature's Gift® Morgellons Pack

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This pack contains a months' supply of nutritional supplements to get your life back from Morgellons

►Complete Multivitamin (1 per day)

►MaxOne glutathione accelerator for a dozen different reasons (2 capsules per day)

►Garcillin as a natural antibiotic (one capsule per day)

►Ionic minerals to replace iron and keep minerals balanced (one sachette per day) ITEM UNAVAILABLE TEMPORARILY WILL BE PROVIDED WITH MULTI-MINERAL SUPPLEMENT IN ITS PLACE

►MSM capsules to replenish organic sulfur (7 caps per day)

►Chitosanase Enzyme Formula 120 capsules (1 tablet daily)

►Ion Gut Health 16oz Month Supply (1 teaspoon, 3 times per day)

►Puritan's Pride Boron 3mg 100 tablets (1 per day)