Go Planet Green Dishwashing Soap

Go Planet Green Dishwashing Soap

  • $12.95

Here's why you might want to use our dishwasher soap:
1. Completely biodegradable - doesn't pollute Mother Earth
2. Made from renewable plant sources - not chemicals
3. Economical - twenty cents per load
4. Cleans and leaves dishes sparkling

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Alternately, use a cap full in your kitchen sink to hand wash your dishes.

Environmentally friendly made from renewable plant sources - completely biodegradable.

Ingredients: Alcohol, Alkanolamines, Amino Acid, Coconut Oil, Pine Oil Fatty Acid, Methyl Soyate, Water

$12.95 for 9 oz  (64 loads)

16 oz bottle for $22.45  (113 loads)