Lime-Sulfur Concentrate 5 oz

Lime-Sulfur Concentrate 5 oz

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Concentrated Lime Sulfur solution

Used as an environmental control, add 4 ounces of concentrate per gallon of water and shake well. 

Caution: may remove finish and may take a few days for the sulfur odor to leave

Spray infected areas

If your pet is severely infected and requires bathing:

First, bath your dog with our Beauty Forever Shampoo and then rinse off with warm water.

For small animal 20 pounds or under, mix 2 oz of lime sulfur concentrate in half gallon of water. 
For larger animal mix 4 oz. of lime sulfur concentrate per gallon of water.
For much larger animal such as a horse, mix 4 oz  of  lime sulfur concentrate per gallon of water (2 gallon or more)

Use the entire amount of diluted lime sulfur, except to save some to put into a small spray bottle (step #2 below), on your animal by sponging, dipping or pouring onto the fur and with gloves, massage it into the animals fur. Keep out of face and eyes - see step #3 below. 

  1.     Allow to dry. 
  2.     Put some of the mixture in a hand spray bottle. 
  3.     Use the sponge to apply lime sulfur to the face
  4.     Allow the dog to dry.

Lime sulfur solution is Antimicrobial and anti-parasitic