Nature's Gift® Baking Soda Tooth Paste 2oz

Nature's Gift® Baking Soda Tooth Paste 2oz

  • $12.40

No harmful fluoride or additives for clean healthy teeth, gums, and mouth.

Ingredients: Baking soda, distilled water, NG, peppermint, cinnamon, and clove organic essential oils, ionic minerals, and egg shells. The eggshells re-mineralize your teeth to restore enamel over time. The clove oil helps break down bio-film. 

How to use: Dip your toothbrush in the toothpaste. Since all of its ingredients are inhabitable to parasites, your toothbrush is always disinfected. Brush your teeth, massage your gums with the tooth paste and consume when finished. Next:

  • Floss your teeth
  • Use a pick to clean between your teeth
  • Use a water pic to further clean the teeth and massage the gums. Use it on lower pressures rather than high pressure. I only use distilled water with ionic minerals in my water pic.
  • follow up with Nature's Gift Mouthwash and swill in your mouth for up to twenty minutes and then consume if desired. 

Yes, it will not taste like the sweet commercial toothpaste and if you give it a week, you'll come to like the taste. 

Caution: Please note that when you unscrew the cap, you'll see a rubber band at the bottom of the threads. Do not remove it or over tighten the cap. If you remove the rubber band or over tighten the cap, it will be almost impossible to take the cap off unless you use a large vice grip. I don't know why but somehow the baking soda will lock the cap and make it impossible to unscrew and open it.