Nature's Gift® Clary Sage Dental Mouthwash

Nature's Gift® Clary Sage Dental Mouthwash

  • $17.95

Nature's Gift® Clary Sage Dental Mouthwash with NG concentrate, peppermint, cinnamon, and clary sage essential organic oils, and ionic minerals to deep clean your mouth.
For use after dental surgery to deep clean wounds.

Endorsed by Jonathan's Dental in in Hawthorne, NJ
"The problem with using Listerine and other mouthwashes that contain alcohol is that they dehydrate.
And the problem with prescription Peridex mouthwash is several fold in that it can:
1. Cause staining of your teeth.
2. Affect your taste buds.
3. Inhibit fibroblasts*
4. Be toxic if swallowed

Nature's Gift® non toxic Mouthwash hydrates, doesn't stain or affect your taste buds and heals gums.

An unbeatable combination of deep cleaning debriding solution plus peppermint, cinnamon, and clary sage to clean away any unwanted organisms in addition to ionic minerals to feed the cells in your mouth.
The additional benefit of Clary Sage is that it promotes healing of gum tissue.

According to Lucky Teeth website clary sage is:

"A terrific oil for strengthening the gums, which can reduce the risk of you losing your teeth prematurely. The main chemical constituents of clary sage oil are linalyl acetate, germacrene-D, linalool, sclareol, diterpenes, and alpha-terpineol. The antibacterial properties that come from these components can kill harmful bacteria in the mouth as well, preventing dental caries, tooth decay, bleeding gums and periodontal disease."

Additionally, according to WebMd, clary sage is also improves memory and mental clarity