Nature's Gift® 20 Minute Lice Away 6oz Foaming Shampoo

Nature's Gift® 20 Minute Lice Away 6oz Foaming Shampoo

  • $12.95

For light infestation

Nature's Gift® Twenty Minute Lice Away is easy to use:

Step 1: Pump & apply foam to your hand and massage into the hair—not necessary to shorten hair. Let the foam soak for twenty minutes and then rinse. While you are waiting you can divide the hair in smaller segments ( similar to your hair stylist / dresser ) Reapply foam again to the segmented hair making sure you concentrate the product close to scalp and at the back of the head just above the neck area.

Step 2: Use the award winning Nit Free Comb to thoroughly comb each segment, starting as close to scalp to the ends of each segmented hairs. You can wipe the comb with paper towel or wash cloth, making sure all the dead lice and its nits are removed from the comb, before you move on to the next segment of hairs. ( the comb must be residue free )

Step 3: After all segments are thoroughly combed reapply foam again and follow step 2. Wash and rinse hair when all steps are completed.


  • Repeat the same process every other day, until day 21. This will ensure that any remaining nits that are newly hatched will be removed.