Nature's Gift 9 oz Debriding Soap II

  • $92.95

Nature's Gift Debriding Soap II, made from many of the same ingredients as our regular debriding soap,  is a less expensive variation of it.

Will it work as well to clean debris from your skin? We believe so, but is it as good as the regular debriding soap? We don't know the answer to that question. 

Directions: add two cap fulls per bath or about 80 drops (little less than one teaspoon) per 4 oz of water to make body wipe

One 9 oz super concentrate makes 3.5 gallon of body wipe or 6 gallons of environmental cleaner.

Not for internal consumption or use in eyes.

Ingredients: surfactant, palm oil, tall oil, and traces of ammonium and natural alcohols