Nature's Gift Garcillin II

Nature's Gift Garcillin II

  • $45.00

Garcillin II™ One veggie contains the equivalent of the active ingredient, allicin, in garlic of 35 cloves of garlic. Allicin is said to be by the formulator, an antibiotic, aniti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-protozoan, and anti-parasitic properties.

30 capsules per bottle.

Recommended dosage: one capsule per day.

While Garcillin™ is a derivative of garlic, it has no garlic in it and garlic supplements have no allicin in them.

The difference between Garcillin II and our regular Garcillin is the parts per million. Garcillin II has a much higher parts per million than regular Garcillin making it far more potent.

We recommend starting with our regular Garcillin, in case of detox reactions, and when you get to a level of taking up to 4 regular Garcillin caps per day, then advance to one cap of Garcillin II.

Ingredients: Garlic bulb (10K ppm Allicin Potential) 300 mg, Vitamin C  (60 mg), citrus bioflavoinoids (40 mg), and other ingredients micro-crystaline cellouse (HPMC, water) and l-lucine in veggie caps

FDA regulations require that we inform you that our Garcillin product is not a treatment or cure for any disease. Use at your discretion.