Nature's Gift Herbal Gut Restore 90 capsules

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Nature's Gift Herbal Gut Restore 90 capsules.

A powerful blend of herbs and supplements to repair the gut and build gut biome

 Instructions: Take one capsule 30 to 60  minutes before your first meal of the day
For the first week
Take one additional capsule 30 to 60 minutes before going to bed at night
After the first week, go to 2 capsules 30 to 60 minutes before going to bed at night.

Caution: If you experience diarrhea, back off until it goes away. Repairing the Gut may produce runny bowels in the beginning. 


L-glutamine      203 mg

N acetyl D glucosmine    135.2 mg

Magnesium from magnesium Beta-hydroxybuterate  82.2 mg

Grape seed extract 58 mg    55.45 mg

Cinnamon bark powder 43 mg

Cloves 17 mg   16.2 mg

Black pepper (piper nigrum) fruit powder  16.2 mg

Grapefruit seed extract  16.2 mg

Marshmellow root powder    9.3 mg

Pepzin G    9.3 mg

Berberine               2.4 mg

Triphala        16.2 mg

Slippery Elm  16.2 mg

total 623 mg per capsule.     

packaged by Get Your LIfe Back LLC Middletown, NJ

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