Sleep Through The Night CD

Sleep Through The Night CD

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What keeps you awake? Aside from side effects of some medications, biological imbalances, and or depression, the answer is stress. The brain's normal way of responding to stress is to activate the sympathetic portion of the autonomic nervous system. In other words it gets you ready to fight or run from any threat to your existence. Normally we think of the fight or flight when we're in a life threatening situation and it doesn't seem to be an issue when one is in bed attempting to sleep. Right? No!!!

It's important to recognize that whenever your subconscious perceives a threat to your ego, family, financial, or social status, it also prepares you to fight or run. Yet, as you lie there in bed with these thoughts of the day's mistakes and missed opportunities second guessing yourself, your subconscious is partially preparing you to fight or run. Read on!

And guess what? It's physically impossible to sleep if your sympathetic nervous system is activated.. Sleeping requires the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system which can not happen if your subconscious is busy getting your body ready to fight or run. Unaware of what's going on, your conscious mind gets further upset and you get angry with yourself--more fight or flight activity. Make sense? You end up with both the conscious and subconscious brain keeping you awake--no relief from insomnia!

What's the answer? I teach you a special technique to bring the subconscious brain up to date to agree with the conscious brain that understands there is nothing that requires defending your life or from which to run while you're lying there in bed.

Noises keep you awake? Your subconscious mind can screen out these noises such that you can live next to a railroad and never hear the train go by.

To obtain Insomnia Relief it's important to tackle the issue on three levels. 1. Nutrition by getting rid of foods that lead to hypoglycemia such as sweets, refined carbohydrates, sodas, alcoholic beverages, 2. Educate your subconscious intelligence by bringing the subconscious up to date. For in reality, lying there in bed there are no physical threats. 3. Program your brain. It is master computer and the body is it's slave. With nutrition and re education of the subconscious we're ready for a relaxation experience that utilizes the brain as the command center as it commands each part of the body to sleep starting with the little toes of each foot progressing up through the body to the top of the head. Usually, no more than two or three of these command experiences are necessary. Sleeping is easy as you use your brain as a command center.